Plan and optimize your traveling route

Create optimal routes based on live and historic traffic and traveling preferences, for you and your team

Plan optimal routes for yourself or your entire team, for today or days ahead, on your laptop or on your mobile on-the-go. Add leads, accounts, contacts or any other object to the route. Or fill the route automatically from your calendar.

Set working hours as well as the default starting and ending locations and default meeting length.

The route is optimized based on live traffic if you’re departing now, or based on historic traffic if you set a custom departure date and timeIf necessary, Mapsly will re-arrange your waypoints to minimize your drive time (solves the traveling salesman problem).

View the full schedule for the day, with expected arrival time at each waypoint, how early or late you’re arriving based on the meeting’s start time in the calendar. Navigate to a waypoint in two clicks using your favorite app, or open the record in your CRM mobile app to check in or add notes. Mark as waypoint as visited and rebuild the route from your current location in one click.

How to plan optimal routes in Mapsly

Fill in your traveling preferences and frequently visited locations

Set up your working days and hours, the default start and finish locations, and the default meeting length. Add addresses that you frequently visit to My locations.

Add points to route using a lasso or Zur Route hinzufügen Tasten

Add records of any object to the route using the lasso tool, or the map popup, or from the table. 

Select start/finish locations, travel mode, optimization, and build the route

Adjust the staring and ending locations in one click/tap, travel mode. And indicate whether Mapsly should re-arrange waypoints to minimize your drive time. Optionally, adjust your truck parameters. Then build the route. 

Navigate to waypoints using your favorite app, or open records in your CRM's mobile app

Once the route is built, view forecast arrival time, and navigate to any point using your favorite navigation app: Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze. Open any record in your CRM mobile app to check in or enter notes.

Alternatively, pre-fill your route with your calendar meetings and view how early or late you are to each meeting

Check the Add from calendar box to have Mapsly add all meetings from your calendar to the route. The route then will show how early or late you are to each meeting based on your forecast arrival time.