Plan and Optimize Your Daily Routes

Create optimal routes for yourself and your team. Navigate, check in and out, log activities and data – all in one place.

Plan optimal routes for yourself or your entire team, for today or days ahead, on your laptop or on your mobile devices on-the-go. Add leads, accounts, contacts or any other object to the route.

Set working hours as well as the default starting and ending locations and default meeting length.

The route is optimized based on live traffic if you’re departing now, or based on historic traffic if you set a custom departure date and timeIf necessary, Mapsly will re-arrange your waypoints to minimize your drive time (solves the traveling salesman problem).

View the full schedule for the day, with expected arrival time at each waypoint, how early or late you’re arriving based on the meeting’s start time in the calendar. 

Navigate to a waypoint using your favorite app in one clicks, check in and out of your meeting, or open the record in your CRM mobile app to log more data or upload files. For truck routing we offer an add-on

Mark waypoint as visited to automatically rebuild the route from your current location and update the ETA to the remaining stops.

Below on this page we demonstrate how to build and follow a route for yourself. For multi-day routing for teams click this link.

How to plan optimal routes in Mapsly

Fill in your traveling preferences and frequently visited locations

Set up your working days and hours, the default start and finish locations, and the default meeting length. Add addresses that you frequently visit to My locations.

Add points to route using a lasso or Add to route buttons ...

Add records of any object to the route using the lasso tool on the map, or by clicking Add to route in the map popup, record view popup, or the table view. 

... or pre-fill your route with your calendar meetings

Check the Add from calendar box to automatically fill your route with your calendar meetings. The route then will show how early or late you are to each meeting based on your estimated arrival time (ETA).

Select start/finish locations, travel mode, optimization, and build the route

Adjust the staring and ending locations in one click/tap, travel mode. And indicate whether Mapsly should re-arrange waypoints to minimize your drive time. Optionally, adjust your truck parameters. Then build the route. 

Switch to Trip mode to focus on your next stop: navigate, check in and out, or log activities/data using your CRM mobile app

Trip mode highlights your next stop and offers 1-click access to the most used actions:

  • Navigate to your next stop using your favorite app in one click (Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps)
  • Check in and out of your stop, meeting, or job
  • Switch to your CRM’s mobile app to log more activities and data

Press Mark as visited to focus on your next stop and update ETAs to remaining stops

After you complete your visit, click Mark as visited, hide it from your route, re-build your route from your current location, and update the forecast arrival time to all remaining stops. At any time, slide from the right to open the route panel to see your ETAs and see how early or late you are to each of your calendar meetings.

Mobile routing demo

This case study demonstrates a scenario in which a service agent navigates to their today’s jobs

Demonstrated features

This demo video showcases Mapsly features for field agents (like sales reps or service teams):

  1. Mobile app
  2. Custom map layers
  3. Optimized routing
  4. Trip mode
  5. Checking in to and out of a job
  6. 1-click navigation
  7. Integration between Mapsly and the CRM mobile app (in this example, the Zoho CRM mobile app)

User actions in the video (step by step)

In this scenario, an agent (who may or may not be a CRM user) is assigned service jobs: in Mapsly, the agent’s supervisor pre-configured several map layers that include only jobs assigned to the agent:

  1. Today’s jobs (red markers)
  2. Tomorrow’s jobs (orange markers)
  3. Other jobs (green markers)

The agent hides all layers except Today’s jobs and uses the routing lasso tool to add all today’s jobs to the Route pane. Then, they build an optimized route from their default (“Home”) location to a previously saved location (“Office”) while taking into account the current traffic, and then switch to the “Trip mode” to follow the route.

The Trip mode’s waypoint panel shows the route to the first stop, and the agent clicks “Navigate” to navigate to the location using WazeApart from Waze, they can navigate using Google Maps or Apple Maps as well.

When the agent arrives at the first job’s location, they check into the job by clicking the Start job button and fill in notes that are immediately saved to the job record in the CRM along with the agent’s locationdistance from the job’s location and the “Verified: Yes” flag confirming that the agent’s is within the 1/4 of a mile (or km, depending on your Mapsly account’s distance units) from the job’s location.

Once the agent completes the job, they check out of the job by clicking the Finish job button and fill in the notes that are, just like in case of the Start job process, also immediately saved to the job record in the CRM along with the agent’s current location, distance from the job’s site, “Verified: Yes” flag confirming agent’s presence at the site, and the actual job’s duration.

Then, the agent clicks the Mark as visited on the current route waypoint to remove it from the current route and rebuild the route from their current location to the next job, which also refreshes the estimated time of arrival (ETA) at all remaining jobs.

Then the agent clicks the Open in Zoho CRM button to open the job’s record in the Zoho CRM mobile app. Please note that this feature is available only if the user is a Zoho CRM user logged into their Zoho CRM mobile app. The same way Mapsly works with other CRMs’ mobile apps.

Start job and Finish job in this demo scenario are custom processes built with the Mapsly automation suite, each consisting of a custom button embedded into the Service job’s custom object waypoint’s menu, a form with a Notes field, and an Update record action that saves data to the job’s CRM record in real time. The process can be adjusted to create new Check-in/Check-out records, timeline events and meetings, send emails or text messages, or include any other sequence of actions available in the automation suite.

Optionally, agents may be prevented from checking in or out of a job if they are too far away from the job site.

Also, you may require agents to activate location tracking so the team’s supervisor can see their real-time location on the map, as well as the history of movements.

Mapsly implementation team will configure check-in and check-out process and train your sales team to make the most out of Mapsly, so you can focus on your business. Schedule a web call today.

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