Shared Interactive Maps

Embed Mapsly into your website, customer portals or reporting dashboard. Choose data to show and features to be enabled.

Use Mapsly to create a custom map accessible by a link, that will contain a subset of your CRM that you can control via URL parameters and permission set, filters for quick searching of data on the map, and the subset of Mapsly features useful in your case.

Mapsly will be showing live data from your CRM or inventory management system, including the content of your search filter.


Shared maps can address a wide range of scenarios, the most typical are these:

  • Store locator: embed a shared map into your website to let your visitors locate your points of sale, service or any other locations.

    You may want to add a multi-level search filter by brand, colors/sizes per product and product availability per location. The filter will use live data from your product catalog and inventory management system to show only relevant entries. Filter fields may be dependent, so that colors and sizes are filled in based on the selected product.

    Add custom buttons to locations’ map popup to gather leads, customer feedback or orders. Being built with Mapsly automation suite, all forms, their fields and the sequence of actions that should be executed are entirely adjustable with point-and-click tools.

  • Customer portal: add a map to your customer portal that will show locations (records of any objects) relevant to the logged in customer. Use URL parameters in the shared map’s layers to limit locations to only those assigned to this particular customer and hide all others.

    Use Mapsly automation suite‘s point-and-click tools to enable customer to edit data, fill out feedback or order forms, and click buttons that execute complex business processes that may include creating/updating CRM records, calling external APIs, sending out emails and SMS, finding best-matching records, and much more.

    Learn more: Use Scenario: Live Personalized Map, especially useful for customers of real-estate agencies.

  •  Reporting dashboard: embed a shared map to a reporting dashboard, like Smartsheet dashaboard. So you can track changing data in real time.

    Learn more
    : Use Scenario: Add Live Map to Your SmartSheet Dashboard

  • Simplified Mapsly for sales reps: if you have a large number of sales reps who don’t need routing, prospecting, or strict access control to data they’re using, you may want to consider using Shared maps in place of purchasing full-featured Mapsly user seats.

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Pricing structure

Shared maps is a fixed price add-on (see its price on our pricing page), that includes 3,000 loads per day, but not more than 30,000 loads per month. These limits can be raised for an additional fee – please ask us for custom pricing in chat or at [email protected].

Please note that since you’ll need at least one additional user for your shared maps, or more if you’d like to have multiple shared maps with different user settings/permissions, the effective price of the Shared maps would consist of the add-on’s price and the price of additional user(s).