Live Personalized Map for Customer Portals

Offer your clients a live interactive map with records assigned specifically to them. Send it by link or add to a customer portal.

Using Mapsly shared maps with URL parameters, you can create personalized interactive maps with the content individually tailored to each of your clients. You can then embed such a map into a customer portal, web or mobile application, or email it to them as a link.

If you don’t yet have a customer portal, you can set it up in 10 minutes using Zoho Creator Portal with only a few lines of code provided in our guide, or similar customer portal solution.

You can also add buttons and forms to your objects on the map to let your clients request to view a property and perform any other processes that can be implemented with Mapsly automation suite. All Mapsly features except routing and prospecting can be enabled on such personalized maps.

Example: personalized map with properties
assigned to a customer of a real-estate agency

To get a better understanding of what a personalized map is, let’s study an example of a real-estate agency that keeps information about its properties and customers in the Properties and Customers CRM objects (modules). When a new customer comes in and expresses their interest in properties with specific attributes (type, price range, location, etc.), the agency wants to be able to assign properties that match the attributes to the customer, and offer customers access to a portal with the map where they can see these properties and request visits to them. As account executives assign more properties to customers and remove such assignment, the customer’s map should automatically update.

Please note that It is also possible to automate such assignments with Mapsly automation suite and its Match records action. For example,

  • when a new customer is added to the CRM, Mapsly can automatically find all properties that match the customer’s preferences including the maximum driving distance, assign them to the customer and email the list of the newly assigned properties to the customer and their account executive;
  • also, when a new property is added to the CRM, Mapsly can automatically find all customers whose preferences match the property, assign it to them and notify them about it.

In this example, Properties and Customers can be any other objects, standard or custom, since Mapsly works the same way with all fields and all objects form your data source no matter whether it is a CRM, spreadsheet or a custom IT system connected to Mapsly with the its API.

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Demo: customer portal with personalized map

A personalized map can be embedded into any portal solution. In this example a map is added to a customer portal built in 10 minutes with Zoho Creator Portal, which is available both as a web app and a mobile app.

When a Customer record is added to a CRM, Mapsly automatically generates a signed personalized map link that shows Property records assigned this particular customer and registers the customer in the Portal. When the customer logs into the Portal with their email, they see the map on the Map page. Apart from being able to click on map markers to view records’ data, the customer can press Schedule visit in the map popup to file a request for a property visit that Mapsly will create as a record in the CRM.


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