Location Intelligence for Any CRM or Spreadsheet

80+ geo-tools for your CRM or spreadsheet: customizable map with colorized markers and heat maps, multi-day optimized routing with a regular visit planner, territory management and prospect discoveryno-code automation with a powerful record search by distance. Or embed a map with live data into your website or dashboard.

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A wide range of geo-tools for sales, service, marketing & reporting

An all-in-one suite of powerful yet easy-to-use geo-intelligence features, with meticulously thought-out user interface
for web and mobile 
— to put your location data to work across the entire organization.

Multi-day routing for teams
Routing & Location Tracking

Increase efficiency of your sales or service team in the field. Optimize routes, track team’s location and gather data with configurable check-in and forms.

Territories with Auto-Assignment

Automatically distribute new leads among sales reps and get valuable insights into your data with territory auto-assigment and aggregate metrics.

Data Visualization & Editing

Explore your data on a customizable map with powerful filtering and condition-based layers/filters. Update data with real-time sync to the CRM.

Embeddable Live Maps

Share maps with live CRM data and territories by link and embed them into websites and dashboards. Add fully personalized maps to your client portal.

Prospect Discovery

Find local business on the map by keywords, and import them into any CRM object with adjustable field mapping. Assign owners and add fixed fields.

No-Code Automation

Automate processes on your maps and beyond without writing code. Use buttons, forms, workflows and a wide range of actions. Find records by criteria.


Geo-intelligence tools and features — for every use scenario

Whether you need to simply see your customers on the map, manage hundreds of sales reps in the field, automate real-time assignment of new leads to your sales reps based on complex criteria, or add a personalized map to your customer portal showing CRM records assigned to a particular client — we got you covered. Explore Mapsly features, with a filter by category and keywords.


Not just a map — an entire platform at your service

Use Mapsly automation suite to build processes around the map, like finding best-matching records by driving distance, checking into a stop with geofencing or creating a contact list  (CRM campaign) out of selected records. 

Metadata-driven architecture

Mapsly adjusts to data structure in your CRM and automatically stores custom objects and fields. Without compromising performance on large datasets.

Multiple sources at once

Import data from any number or type of data sources simultaneously: CRMs, EPRs or proprietary systems. Use pre-built connectors for popular CRMs or create your own.

Form builder & API callouts

Create custom forms and map popups in minutes and implement real-time data exchange with API callouts in various event handlers in JavaScript.

JavaScript & integrated IDE

Use Mapsly’s integrated IDE to write JavaScript code that calls out external APIs, performs complex calculations and accesses Masply’s map, database and forms.

Event-triggers & schedule

Custom code can run in event handlers related to UI (like Form.OnOpen, Button.OnClick), data import (like ImportSession.OnFinish) or by schedule.

Draw custom objects on map

Plot your own objects on the map by defining how an object should be drawn out of visual primitives like polygons, lines and text label(s) using Mapsly meta language.


Instant data sync. Single sign-on. Live user tracking. Multiple data sources. Address cleansing & geocoding.

Mapsly offers a full range of integration options that you may expect from a leading geo-intelligence platform.


Real-time data sync

Instant data sync between Mapsly and your CRM.

Adjustable import schedule.

Adjust frequency of data import to optimize consumption of your CRM API credits.

Multiple data sources

Import from multiple data sources at once.

Single Sign-On

Use Mapsly inside your CRM - no need for separate logins/passwords.

Live Tracking

Live Tracking: use Mapsly API to track your fleet in real-time.

Address troubleshooting

Automatic data quality control helps you reveal wrong and missing addresses.


Import data from any source. Use pre-built connectors or our API.

Mapsly supports a wide range of data sync options via adapters built on top of the platform’s extensive API.

2-way native API connectors

2-way native API integration to connect Mapsly to ZohoCRM or SalesForce in minutes.

40+ CRM connectors via Zapier

40+ CRM connectors via Zapier. With many more coming soon.

Powerful API

A powerful well-documented API allows any custom data source to be integrated with Mapsly with real-time data sync.

Add your JavaScript code

Add scheduled and event-triggered JavaScript code using Mapsly’s IDE to implement custom data exchange, real-time API callouts, import serialized objects and much more.

FTP connector

Automatic import of data from FTP folders (1-way integration).

Spreadsheet uploads

Uploading spreadsheets (1-way manual data import).


Pre-Built Connectors

Mapsly comes integrated with many popular CRMs, to get you started in minutes.

Security & Compliance

Top-Tier Encryption. GDPR Compliant. Tested & Certified by Outside Security Company.

Security of our customers’ data is our #1 priority, that’s why all customer data is encrypted, and the platform undergo regular security assessment in accordance with OWASP ASVS.

  • All data and network traffic are encrypted using industry-standard technologies and Amazon AWS infrastructure.
  • Mapsly undergoes regular security assessment and penetration testing in accordance with OWASP ASVS security standard by an independent security company.
  • Mapsly fully complies with GDPR regulations.
  • On Enterprise plan, we offer an option to use AWS GovCloud with FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption at rest & in transit.

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