AI-Powered Field Sales and Service Platform for CRMs

Out-innovate your competition. Boost your field team’s productivity with new best practices made possible by the most up-to-date digital and AI tools. Cut down on admin, transport, and IT costs. Turn collected data into actionable insights. Make the most out of your CRM with Mapsly’s real-time two-way CRM integrations.

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Help Your Field Team Reach Its Maximum Potential

Mapsly brings new approaches to field team management beyond the previously possible — enabled by the Mapsly platform’s extensive digital and AI tools.

Wide range of features

Mapsly offers one of the largest suites of geo-features on the market that address at a wide range of complex use scenarios in sales, service, marketing, and reporting,  with new tools introduced every quarter. Learn more

New approaches in management

We help clients achieve new levels of team efficiency by implementing new best practices, such as visit scripting with geofencing, real-time field performance analytics, AI analysis of field data, and others. Learn more

Adaptive CRM connectors

Our native CRM connectors offer real-time two-way sync, full support for all standard and custom CRM objects/fields, all working out-of-the-box without the need for extra software development. Integrations also auto-adapt to changes in your CRM’s data structure. Learn more

Integrated data analytics

Mapsly comes with a modern self-service data analytics add-on pre-loaded with all your Mapsly and CRM data featuring drag-n-drop charts and dashboards, drill-by and drill-to-detail capabilities, and direct SQL access to your data. Learn more

Unlock your innovation potential

Mapsly’s Automation Platform, with implementation and programming by our solution engineers included in your subscription at no extra cost, allows you to rapidly innovate by implementing multiple improvements without having to involve your IT team. Learn more

Customizable AI analysis

Mapsly comes pre-integrated with the latest OpenAI GPT models, allowing data collected by your field team and your CRM data — text, images, audio, and video — to be analyzed by AI without the need for any software development. Learn more


Wide Range of Geo-Tools for Sales, Service, Marketing & Reporting

An all-in-one suite of powerful yet easy-to-use geo-intelligence features, with a meticulously thought-out user interface for web and mobile — to put your location data to work across the entire organization.

Multi-day routing for teams
Team routing & location tracking

Visit more locations in less time. Optimize routes and calendar events for entire teams across multiple days. Track your team’s real-time location. Gather data with configurable check-in and check-out forms. Learn more

Travel-Aware Calendar

Plan calendar events in Mapsly with auto-sequencing and auto-adjustment of meeting start times. See travel time between meetings right on the timeline. View and resolve scheduling conflicts in a few clicks. Fully integrated with CRM and Google calendars. Learn more

Mapsly Analytics

Build beautiful and information-rich charts and dashboards with drill-by and drill-to-detail capabilities in a drag-and-drop visual builder on top of your Mapsly, CRM, and spreadsheet data. Or access it directly with SQL. Learn more

Map visualization & analysis

Explore your data on a customizable map with powerful filtering and condition-based layers/filters. View isochrones and heat maps. Search by distance. Update CRM data in Mapsly with a real-time sync to your CRM. Add HubSpot records to HubSpot contact and company lists. Learn more

Territories with auto-assignment

Automatically assign new leads to sales reps based on your leads’ locations. Create territories, custom-drawn or assembled from geo-areas like postal codes, with roll-up metrics based on your CRM data and 50,000+ US Census demographic metrics.
Learn more

AI analysis & transcription

Analyze your CRM data and data collected by your field team — text notes, images, audio, and video — with the latest OpenAI models, based on your custom GPT prompts. No software development needed. Recording of online meetings is coming soon. Learn more

No-code/low-code automation

Start quickly implementing multiple iterative improvements of your business processes using the Mapsly Automation Platform and our solution engineers, whose services are included in your subscription at no extra cost. Learn more

Embeddable interactive maps

Share maps with live CRM data and territories via links and embed them into websites and dashboards. Add maps to your client portal personally tailored to your customers. Learn more

Prospect discovery

Find local business on the map by keywords, and import them into any CRM object with adjustable field mapping. Assign owners and add fixed fields. Learn more


Geo-intelligence Tools and Features — for Every Use Scenario

Whether you need to simply see your customers on the map, manage hundreds of sales reps in the field, automate real-time assignment of new leads to your sales reps based on complex criteria, or add a personalized map to your customer portal showing CRM records assigned to a particular client — we got you covered. Explore Mapsly features, with a filter by category and keywords.


Native Adaptive Connectors for CRM and Non-CRM Platforms

Mapsly comes pre-integrated with many popular CRMs and non-CRM platforms — to get you started in minutes.


Integration That Feels Like Magic

With powerful connectors created in-house, Mapsly feels like a part of your CRM and your other platforms such as Google Sheets, Smartsheet, or Quickbase.

Metadata-driven connectors

Mapsly instantly replicates objects and fields from your data source, so you can start using Mapsly with your CRM in minutes. It also tracks changes in your data structure and syncs all new objects and fields.

Support for custom objects/fields

Mapsly replicates both standard and custom objects and fields, all of which are available for use across the entire range of Mapsly features, including Routing and Mapsly’s Automation Platform.

Support for CRM-specific features

Mapsly also supports your CRM’s unique features, object and data types, like HubSpot’s contact/company lists and pipelines and Zoho CRM’s multi-select lookups and layouts.

Real-time two-way data sync

Changes made in Mapsly are instantly synced to your data source in real time. Changes in your CRM that support real-time data sync like HubSpot, are synced to Mapsly in real time, too.

Single Sign-On

Mapsly connectors come with the Single Sign-On enabled for all platforms that support it, so you don’t have to manage a separate set of user credentials for your Mapsly users. Additionally, you can manually create Mapsly users who are not CRM users as needed.

Multiple data sources

You may connect any number of data sources to Mapsly and work with all of their objects both in the Masply user interface and its Automation Platform.


Advanced Integration Capabilities for Most Complex Use Scenarios

API integration

Connect your custom IT platform to Mapsly via Mapsly’s powerful API. Learn more

Zapier integration

Connect your Zapier-supported IT platform via Mapsly’s Zapier connector which also supports custom objects and fields. Learn more

Send file attachments to your CRM

Send images and documents gathered by your field team directly to your CRM, like HubSpot or Zoho CRM, as attachments. Learn more

Call external API

Use the Mapsly automation platform to make API calls to external IT systems and use their response in Mapsly’s workflows and on Mapsly forms.
Learn more

Create custom API endpoints

Expose custom API endpoints in Mapsly that your IT system may call on to execute unique business logic in Mapsly and return back the result, for example, the territories assigned to a new lead. Learn more

Embed Mapsly in your software
soon Programmatically spawn new Mapsly accounts and users, configure features and permissions, add custom buttons, forms, workflows and schedules, and get a unified bill for all of your managed clients.


Top-Tier Encryption & Security Processes. Regularly Tested by Outside Security Company.

Security of our customers’ data is our #1 priority, that’s why all customer data is encrypted, and Mapsly platform undergoes regular pentests and security assessments in accordance with the OWASP ASVS security standard.

SOC 2 Type II compliant
SOC 2 Type II compliant

All data is stored and processed in the US, in AWS data centers.

HIPAA compliant
HIPAA compliant

Mapsly is fully HIPAA compliant. We sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements.

OWASP ASVS compliant
OWASP ASVS compliant

Mapsly software is regularly tested by an independent security company.

GDPR compliant
GDPR compliant

Mapsly is fully compliant with the GDPR. View our Privacy Policy, Data Processing Addendum and our Data Privacy Framework participant status (learn more about DPF's role in GDPR).

DPF active member
DPF active member

Mapsly is an active member of the Data Privacy Framework which enables us to process data of EU, UK and Swiss companies in full compliance with the EU, UK and Swiss privacy laws.

CCPA compliant
CCPA compliant

Mapsly complies with the CCPA and other US state-specific privacy laws.

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