Help Your Team Reach Its Full Potential

Mapsly brings new approaches to field team management enabled by its innovative geo-tools, automation & AI

Mapsly is on a mission to change the way field sales and service teams work by introducing new best practices in team management, providing the digital tools that enable them, and an experienced team of solution engineers to help you implement them.

Mapsly’s solution engineers have helped hundreds of businesses worldwide achieve new levels of team performance. We have distilled the approaches that work and are ready to share them with you.

6 New Best Practices to Boost Team Productivity

calendar based optimized routing
Optimize Daily Routes

Use Maply’s advanced routing engine to automatically reshuffle your points and calendar events and distribute them among team members and days to minimize driving time, balance load, or visit more locations in less time.
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Impact: Visit more locations in less time without increasing your outside field and service teams. Save on fuel. Cut down on transportation costs.

Tools: Routing overview, Routing-powered calendar

Script Visit Scenarios

Standardize scenarios of your visits with Mapsly to guide your field team through the sales and service process to ensure all work items are completed, all required data collected, client feedback is received, and forms are e-signed. Learn more

Impact: Avoid missing client feedback or data points. Gather actionable visit data. Log visit start and end times to evaluate team performance.

Tools: Visit scripting, Check-in, Automation

Geofence Your Visits

Use location verification to mark visits as unverified when your sales rep or service technician is too far away or prevent them from checking in altogether. Use location tracking to see your team’s location and progress in real time.
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Impact: Geofencing and location tracking enhance self-discipline through increased transparency, immediately boosting performance without extra investments.

Tools: Check-in with geofencing, Location tracking

Measure field performance
Measure Field Performance

Use Mapsly’s field activity dashboards to observe and analyze your team’s critical performance metrics, such as arrival and departure delays, missed visits, and job overtime — detailed by field rep or aggregated for a subteam and over a time period. Learn more

Impact: Increase transparency of field operations. Make informed real-time decisions. Quickly identify champions and underperformers. Spread best practices across your team.

Tools: Mapsly Analytics for routing activities, Check-in with geofencing

Analyze Data with AI

Use AI to standardize and automate analysis of data collected during visits based on AI prompts custom to meet your particular expectations. Summarize visit notes and photos. Find patterns across multiple visits and over time. Auto-detect deviations from policies. Learn more

Impact: Get actionable insights in real time. Save time on routine analytical tasks. Boost your team’s analytical capacity. Make better
informed decisions.

Tools: Mapsly AI

Improve Processes Continuously

Increase the speed of iterative improvements of your sales and service processes by adopting the process of continuous innovation. Build on the unique competitive advantages and strengths of your team. 
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Impact: Achieve new levels of team productivity by persistently eliminating wastes of time, automating routine tasks, and making more actionable data delivered faster.

Tools: Automation Platform, Solution Engineers as a Service