Mapsly AI

Analyze your CRM, spreadsheet, and meeting data with AI based on custom prompts without any IT development

Get the Benefits of the Latest AI Technologies

Analyze data collected by your field sales and service teams, or any other data from your CRM, spreadsheets, and other data sources, with the latest OpenAI GPT model, based on AI prompts custom-tailored to your business — without any IT development:

Save valuable time

Save your team several hours per sales rep per month by having AI analyze collected data

Reduce analysis errors

Reduced missed insights and analysis errors by standardizing the processing of collected data

Make decisions faster

Speed up decision-making by having AI analyze your field data and send the result to your CRM in real time 

Get actionable insights

Perform automatic analysis of your data from more perspectives, with various custom-tailored AI prompts

Analyze Data from Different Perspectives

Implement custom AI analysis of various data slices at the right moments — to get precisely the desired results.
All without any IT development.


Summarize large volumes of collected field data into actionable bullet points, ideas, and feedback


Get a description of what’s on photos taken by your field sales and service team against what is expected

Search for mentions

Automatically search for mentions of particular words, ideas, or opinions in notes, collected feedback, or suggested improvements

Discover patterns

Analyze data across multiple users and over long time periods to find patterns, inconsistencies, and deviations from expected results

Analyze Text, Images, Audio & Video

Powered by the latest multi-modal OpenAI GPT-4o, Mapsly AI can analyze large volumes of text and images simultaneously to perform object recognition and complex analysis. Audio and video files are automatically transcribed into text and, when necessary, translated from any of the 49 supported languages.

Custom Data Input & AI Prompts — Without Any Custom IT Development

Just share your vision with us, and our solution engineers will implement the AI analysis using Mapsly’s Automation Platform at no extra cost.

Analyze all your data

Data from all your Mapsly data sources, including custom objects/fields, custom CRM properties, spreadsheet data, routing data, and data imported via the API or Zapier, is immediately available for AI analysis.

Execute at the right moments

AI processing is implemented with Mapsly’s Automation Platform, so it can be triggered by a user’s action, such as the submission of a check-in form, or in response to a change in data (workflow), by schedule, or via an API call to Mapsly.

Save results back to CRM

Since the result of AI analysis is available in Mapsly’s Automation Platform, it can be immediately saved back to your CRM or spreadsheet, submitted by email or outbound API call, or used as input for further AI analysis, such as searching patterns in AI summaries.

Transcription of Audio &Video. Recording of Online Meetings Coming Soon.

Uploaded audio and video files are automatically transcribed into text, and their transcriptions are then analyzed by AI. You may pre-configure custom AI prompts for specific File fields on Mapsly Forms, or have them generated dynamically at run-time, based on various input parameters.

In the Summer 2024 Release, you will be able to invite the Mapsly AI Assistant to your online meetings to record them and then analyze their transcription with Mapsly AI.

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