Travel-Aware Calendar

Schedule CRM & Google calendar events for the entire team with auto-sequencing and 1-click conflict resolution.

Mapsly Calendar brings the power of Mapsly’s team routing and automation capabilities to calendar planning in your CRM, Google Calendar, soon MS Outlook Calendar, and custom calendars — to help your team visit more locations in less time while minimizing travel time across the entire team up to a month ahead over up to a month at a time.

Mapsly’s adaptive connectors maintain two-way sync of meeting data between Mapsly and your CRM, Google Calendar, and soon MS Outlook Calendar — so all changes that you make to meetings in Mapsly are synced to your CRM and external calendars in real time; similarly, changes to meetings that you make in your CRM and external calendars are automatically synced to Mapsly.

Note. All capabilities described below apply to all supported calendars.

Enhance your CRM calendar with geolocation insights

Driving time between meetings

See driving time between CRM meetings for your entire team right on the timeline. Mapsly will show a scheduling conflict alert when there’s not enough time for your team members to drive from one meeting to the next.

View your meetings as routes

Mapsly visualizes your daily meeting schedule as a route on the map. You can also view such routes for multiple users and/or days at once.

Plan optimal meeting schedules

Optimized planning for calendar events

Add CRM records to the timeline — and Mapsly will automatically re-arrange based on their location to minimize driving time, just like in Routing. You can also re-optimize events after adding new or removing existing meetings.

Auto-fill in idle time between meetings

During (re-)optimization Mapsly will automatically fill in idle time between existing meetings with new meetings in the most optimal way based on the meetings’ locations. Mark any meeting as fixed-time or flexible to let Mapsly know which meetings need to be preserved ‘as is’ or can be re-shuffled.

Calendar features

Drag-and-drop calendar views

View schedules for multiple users and multiple days at once and drag-and-drop meetings to re-assign them between users or to reschedule them between days.

Work schedules and breaks

Set your team’s working hours, breaks, and default start and finish locations to be used in optimization, and customize them for particular days. Work schedules are visible right in the calendar views.

Meeting’s start “auto-rounding”

During optimization, meetings’ start times are automatically rounded based on the adjustable “rounding target” (e.g., 11:19 -> 11:30 with the 15-minute rounding target).

Individual events’ durations

Indicate desired individual meeting durations in your Contacts, Accounts, and other objects, and Mapsly will automatically schedule meetings with these durations when you add those records to the timeline.

Bulk-plan calendar events

Optimally plan meetings for your entire team for up to a month ahead with auto-sequencing, meetings’ start auto-rounding, while considering the locations of existing fixed-time meetings.

Account for locations’ open hours

Mapsly automatically accounts for the custom availability hours of the contact or company your team is meeting with, which can be set per day of the week or for particular dates.

Plan in multiple calendars at once

When necessary, Mapsly will automatically add your event to multiple calendars simultaneously, such as your CRM’s calendar and Google Calendar — to ensure that calendar invitations are sent out correctly.

Export routes to calendars

Mapsly’s Routing and Calendar work seamlessly together, so you can build routes with existing fixed-time calendar events taken into account and then export resulting route activities back to the calendar.

On-site and virtual meetings

View and schedule both meetings that require travel and online meetings that take up time but don’t require traveling.

Allow overtime hours

When necessary, you may enable overtime hours in a user’s work schedule to enable scheduling meetings beyond your team’s normal hours.

View hundreds of schedules at once

Use Mapsy’s horizontal calendar view to see calendar schedules for an extra large number of users. You can add or remove entire user groups, such as “drivers”.

Custom travel modes

If some of your team members visit clients on a bike or driving large trucks, you can customize their travel mode to ensure accurate planning.

Custom Calendars

Plan work orders, service jobs, pickups and deliveries using Mapsly Calendar

To support multiple calendars, Mapsly relies on metadata that describes where, in a particular connected IT system, to find the calendar object and its primary calendar fields such as title, start/end time, location, and related records.  While out-of-the-box Mapsly comes with preconfigured metadata for all supported CRMs, Google Calendar, and soon MS Outlook Calendar, you can create custom calendars that treat a custom object in your data source as the calendar object, allowing you to use Mapsly Calendar to view and create records in it.

soon Record Online Meetings with Auto-Transcription & AI Analysis

Analyze your meeting with AI with custom GPT prompts. Save its AI summary directly to you CRM.

Leverage Mapsly’s integration with your calendars and its AI analysis capabilities to automatically record your online meetings via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and WebEx, transcribe them into text, and analyze them with the latest OpenAI GPT-4o model based on GPT prompts custom-tailored to your business, and save the result directly to your CRM or any external system using Mapsly’s Automation Platform.

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