Find Prospective Customers by Keywords

View local businesses on the map by keywords and add them to your CRM as Leads or Accounts in a few clicks

Use Mapsly to search for local businesses by typing a keyword, just like on Google Maps, and add them to your CRM as new leads or accounts in just a few clicks, one by one or multiple at once.

How to Use the Prospecting Tool

Search local businesses by keywords

Enter a key phase describing the type of business you’re interested in, like “barber shop” – and Mapsly will show you all such places in the visible area of the map.

Add prospects to your CRM in a few clicks one by one ...

Add prospects to your CRM as a Lead, Account or any object with adjustable field mapping, by clicking Export in the prospect’s map pop-up.

...Or mass-add multiple prospects at once

Add multiple prospects to your CRM by selecting them in the Table view and clicking Export in the Group actions.