Check-in and Check-out with Geofencing

Let your users check in and out of their stops on-the-go, verify their location and log data about their visits.

Using Mapsly mobile app or a laptop, your users can check in and out of their stops  while in the field and log information about their visits including notes, photos or any other data.

Location verification

Optionally, the check-in process can be configured to allow users to check in only if they are within a certain distance from the waypoint’s location. Alternatively, users may be allowed to check it from anywhere, while Mapsly will automatically mark the check-in event as Verified if the user checked in while being within the designated radius.

Entirely customizable: forms, fields, actions, conditions

Since the check-in/out processes are built with Mapsly automation suite, they are highly customizable. You may adjust fields in the check-in form, use different check-in forms for different objects or different scenarios and use any available actions like creating or updating records, sending emails or SMS, calling external API and many more.

Log check-in & check-out data directly to your CRM

There are multiple ways how check-in and check-out events can be logged. Out-of-the-box Mapsly comes with a pre-configured processes that log these events to Mapsly’s Check-in system object, which can be used with any data source including spreadsheets and those connected via Zapier. In addition to or instead of this, you may log these events directly into your data source using any of the options described below. Check-in/check-out processes are entirely customizable and can be re-configured to use any combination of these options or to do something entirely different like calling out an external APIs or send emails/SMS.

If your CRM and your CRM plan support custom objects, you may log check-in and check-out events as records of a custom object.

If your CRM has a Meeting object, you may direct Mapsly to create a new Meeting record when a sales reps checks into a record or to log check-in/check-out events into an existing Meeting.

If your use scenario implies that your field agent checks into a record only once, for example they when checking into a one-time service job, you can log these events directly to custom properties of your jobs records

Check-in/check-out options for HubSpot

In addition to the universally available options mentioned above, HubSpot allows you to log check-ins/check-outs as you may log them as timeline events. Here’s the detailed comparison of all options available for HubSpot:

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