Drawing Territories

Define sales territories by drawing them on the map and Mapsly will assign objects to them entirely automatically.

Territory management plays an important role in maximizing sales productivity and operational efficiency, but even mature CRMs normally don’t offer an opportunity to draw them on the map, so users resort to matching by zip codes or city names, which severely limits what territories may look like.

In Mapsly you can draw territories on the map. Territories can be overlapping and nested. Parent territories may have their own map polygons, or may be created just for grouping purposes without polygons. Mapsly does not restrict relationship between parent and child territories and treat them as non-related when assigning records to them: a record will be assigned to each territory that have its own map region within which the record’s address is, no matter its place in the territory hierarchy.

Once territories are drawn, Mapsly automatically assigns records to them based on records’ addresses and saves the list of assigned territories to the Territories field, a system field that pre-exists in all Mapsly objects. You can see this field in the table or record’s popup and apply multi-select filters and mass-update the resulting records, if needed. 

Optionally, you may select a CRM field to which Mapsly will save records’ territories once they’re assigned. This will make the process of territory assignment of your CRM records to hand-drawn Mapsly map regions entirely automated.

How to Use Territories

Switch to Territories

To start drawing territories, click the right pane’s header, select Territories and click the Cog icon to bring up the Territory management settings.

Select objects to be auto-assigned to territories and their CRM territory fields

Select objects to be auto-assigned to territories and, optionally, CRM fields to which Mapsly will auto-save records’ territories.

Add a territory and draw its map polygon

Click Add territory, enter its name that will appear in the Territory field in records, pick a color and draw its map polygon. Click Save territories when you’re done creating and editing your territories.

Edit existing territory’s polygon, as needed

To edit a territory’s polygon, click the Polygon icon next to the territory and add, remove, or adjust the polygon’s anchor points. Click Save territories when you’re done.

Record’s territories will appear in Territory field

When a new CRM record is added, Mapsly immediately auto-assigns it to territories, which will appear in the Territories field that is pre-created in all objects.

Assigned territories are immediately saved back to CRM

Once a record is assigned to territories, its Territories field is immediately saved back to the CRM to the field selected in the Territory management settings. You may use this to trigger your CRM workflows or territory assignment rules.

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