Create and Auto-Assign Territories

Mapsly can automatically assign records to your territories and save the assigned territories to CRM in real time

Create territories by drawing their shapes on the map or by selecting areas from the geo-library, like counties or postal codes. Then, select objects to be assigned to these territories – and Mapsly will be assigning to your territories every new record from those objects located inside a territory. Once set up, this assignment process is entirely automatic.

Optionally, you may also pick a field in each object in your data source, to which Mapsly will be saving the assigned territories. If you’re using a CRM that syncs data to Mapsly in real time, like HubSpot, or using Mapsly API to push data to Mapsly, you may expect to see the assigned territories in your newly created CRM record within 10-15 seconds.

How to create territories and set up their auto-assignment

Switch to Territories

To start drawing territories, click the right pane’s header, select Territories and click the Cog icon to bring up the Territory management settings.

Select objects to be auto-assigned to territories and their CRM territory fields

Select objects to be auto-assigned to territories and, optionally, CRM fields to which Mapsly will auto-save records’ territories.

Add a territory and draw it on the map...

Click Add territory, enter its name that will appear in the Territory field in records, pick a color and draw its map polygon. Click Save territories when you’re done creating and editing your territories.

...Or create it using the library of postal code and county boundaries

Click Add territory, enter a name, choose From geo-library. In the Geography selector pick the level you need and select areas with a lasso or one by one. 

You can also paste a list of zip codes, too.

Assigned territories will appear in Territory field

When a new CRM record is added, Mapsly immediately auto-assigns it to territories, which will appear in the Territories field that is pre-created in all objects.

Assigned territories are immediately saved back to CRM

Once a record is assigned to territories, its Territories field is immediately saved back to the CRM to the field selected in the Territory management settings. You may use this to trigger your CRM workflows or territory assignment rules.

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