50,000+ US Census Demographic Metrics

Colorize your territories based on US Census Bureau’s demographic indicators: population counts, percentages, means, medians

Explore the 50,000+ demographic indicators provided by the US Census Bureau within its 5-year American Community Survey (2015-2020) covering:

  • population by age, gender, education, race, language spoken, marital status, disability status, health insurance, mortgage status, etc.;
  • income (total, mean, median) and poverty rate;
  • spending on rent;
  • housing units by type and years built;
  • internet connection types and speed;
  • vehicles and commuting (means, duration);
  • and much more.

Use any of these metrics to colorize your territories with a configurable color scale.

Add any number of these metrics to territory names and territory data popups.

Please note that since US Census Bureau publishes data only for specific map areas like states, counties, census tracts, census block groups, be sure to use the Geo-library to mass-create territories based on one of these area types for the demographic data to be available.

Demographic metrics can be combined in one territory group with aggregate and custom metrics. You may also use the Mapsly automation suite to analyze these metrics, perform calculations on them, export them to your CRM or Google Sheets, or send them as SMS or email reports. 

Example of map with demographics

How to add and use demographic metrics

In the example below we will colorize California counties based on their mean household annual income and show this metric in the territory data popup along with the number of households with high-speed Internet connection.

Create a territory group and add two metrics

Use the Demographic metric explorer with a powerful context search to add Mean household income and Households with high-speed Internet metrics.

Click Folder icon in Context search to find the metric in Hierarchy — to explore adjacent metrics.

Use metrics in territory color, name & popup

Activate colorization based on Mean income, add it to the territory name, and then add both metrics to the territory data popup.

Select counties using Geo-library

Use Geo-library to select counties that you’d like to convert to territories.

View your territories & their metrics

View colorized counties. Hover over a county to view values of both metrics in its data popup.


Mapsly uses the US Census Bureau Data API but is not endorsed or certified by the Census Bureau.