(Mass-)update CRM records in Mapsly with real-time sync to CRM

Update your CRM records filtered by complex geographic criteria. Change records’ ownership.

(Mass-)update CRM records in Mapsly with real-time sync to CRM

Update your CRM records filtered by complex geographic criteria. Change records’ ownership.

Once you connect your CRM to Mapsly using any of the Mapsly-developed connectors, your data immediately becomes editable in Mapsly, including custom objects and custom fields. You can update records one by one – right in their map popups or full-sized record view popups – or in bulk using the Table view. Changes are immediately saved to your CRM.

You can also edit all records in the table view at once without manually selecting them, which is especially useful when combined with the rich filtering tools Mapsly offers: table filter, map layers and filters, filtering by assigned territories and selecting records with a lasso – all of which can be used simultaneously to produce the most accurate slice of data to be updated.

Changing record ownership is supposed for all CRMs with Mapsly-developed connectors.

You may adjust which objects and which of their fields are accessible for which user profiles and whether they are only viewable, or can also be updated.

Editing multi-choice lookups​

Out of the box, Mapsly also lets you edit lookup fields by searching and selecting records from the related object (or multiple objects – in case of polymorphic lookups that may reference different objects). Mapsly supports both single-choice and multi-choice lookups. Multi-choice lookups can be implemented either as a list of related records’ IDs stored in the lookup field itself, or through a separate linking object (table) – both types are supported by Mapsly out-of-the-box (depending on the types supported by your CRM).

Using multi-choice lookups for personalized maps​

The capability of updating multi-choice lookups in combination with the shared maps feature also enables embedding personalized maps to portals or dashboards, on which customers could see only records assigned specifically to them.

Assign and update records' owners

Record ownership plays an important role in data access control both in Mapsly and your CRM, as well as in various features like Mapsly’s calendar-based routing

Owner fields can be filled in for new records and updated for existing records just like any other lookup field — both manually, as described below or when exporting prospects, and using automation.

While Mapsly’s CRM connectors pre-configure owner fields for all standard objects like contacts, accounts, deals/opportunities and others, you can change their mapping to implement custom business logic and to enable ownership by manually added Mapsly users who are not your CRM users.

How to edit your data in Mapsly

Update a record in its map popup…

A record can be edited right in its map popup. Click the record’s map marker to open the popup.

…Or in its record view popup

A record can also be edited in its full-sized record view popup panel. To open it: click on a table view row, or click View record in the map popup; while in Trip mode, click on the waypoint’s name or the View record button.

Bulk-update records in table view

To update one or multiple records at once, select the records and click Group actions → Edit, then choose fields to be updated and fill in their target value. To update ALL records in the Table view, click Edit while no records are selected.

Edit multi-choice lookup fields

You can update your multi-choice lookups the same way as you do it in your CRM. If a multi-choice lookup is implemented through a linking table, Mapsly will automatically create and remove linking records appropriately. Use workflows to save more data to linking records.