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Measure area and perimeter of shapes

Calculate area and perimeter of your hand-drawn territories

Plan optimal routes

Mapsly will account for live traffic, or history traffic in case of custom departure date/time

Route waypoint auto-sequencing

Mapsly will automaitcally re-order your waypoints to minimize driving time for entire route

Centralized team routing

Create, view and manage routes for your entire team. (Re-)assign routes to users.

Trip mode (Mapsly mobile)

Follow routes with mobile app: focus on your next stop with relevant actions just 1-click away

Configurable check in & out

Use automation suite to configure custom check-in & check-out processes. Save data to CRM.

Track/view user’s location

Use the Mapsly mobile app to track your team's location and view it on the map

View user’s movements history

View your team's movement history up to 1 month into the past

Plan regular visits

Plan regular visits to locations with desired regularity, duration & more. For 1 user, or entire team.

Control who sees what

Use user profiles to specify objects, fields, records and Mapsly features that users can access

Saved places

Add frequently visited places to your 'Saved places' and add them to your route in 2 clicks

Barcode scanner

Scan barcodes using your phone's camera

Mapsly AI

Process your CRM and spreadsheet data and images with OpenAI GPT-4o, based on your custom prompt

Transcription and AI summary

Analyze text, images, audio & video with AI using custom prompts tailed to your business


Drag-and-drop dashboards


Create powerful charts using your CRM data

Email reports

Set up scheduled email reports

Draw territories on map

Create territories by drawing one or multiple polygons, circles, or rectangles on the map

Auto-assign records to territories

Mapsly can auto-assign records of any objects to your territories and save them to CRM

Geo-library: zip, counties, etc.

Create territories by combining boundaries of pre-loaded areas like zip codes, counties, etc.

Aggregate metrics

Colorize territories based on aggregate (roll-up) fields calculated based on your record data

Share & embed live maps

Shared your maps by link and embed them into websites, portals, dashboards, or send by email

Buttons/forms on shared maps

Add buttons/forms to embedded maps to enable user requests or any other custom processes

Automate processes (no-code)

Implement custom processes without code: add buttons, workflows, use a wide range of actions

Automation: Buttons

Place buttons in various parts of user interface; use record data for which button was pressed

Automation: Forms

Use forms to gather data from users and use in automation, or save to the CRM

Automation: Workflows

Run Mapsly actions automatically when a record is created, changed or removed

Find records by criteria, distance

Automatically find best-matching records by distance, other criteria and run actions

Territory data fields

Add custom fields to your territories and fill them by formula, import, manually or in automation

View demographic data

View 50,000+ demographic metrics (like population, poverty) for zip codes, counties, census areas

Embed territory maps

Embed your territory maps shared by link into websites, portals, dashboards, or send by email

Mass-generate territories

Create multiple territories at once by selecting geo-library areas, like zip codes

Import KML/KMZ

Import KML/KMZ files as one or multiple territories, with or without KML points/lines/popups/etc.

Import GeoJSON/Shape files

Import geo-shape files as one or multiple territories, and their properties into territory data fields

Territory from list of zip codes

Create territories from a list of zip codes, county names or names or other geo-library areas

View all objects and fields

View all CRM objects and its fields, including custom objects and custom fields

Edit records (real-time sync)

Edit any fields (including custom ones) in any object with real-time sync to your CRM

Mass-update records

Mass-update chosen fields in multiple records at once, with real-time sync to your CRM

Real-time CRM↔Mapsly sync

All Mapsly→CRM updates are real-time. CRM→Mapsly sync is real-time for supported CRMs.

Edit multi-select lookups

(Mass-)update multi-choice lookup fields, and Masply will auto-create/remove linking records

Customize markers

Customize/colorize map markers for whole objects or their individual map layers

Formula-based map layers

Auto-generate or manually define map layers with custom markers. Switch between layer groups.

Formula-based map filters

Use map filters to hide data that don't meet the filter's condition, in a whole object or its layer

Search/import prospects

Search businesses on map by keywords & import them into CRM with adjustable field mapping

Assign/change record owner

Assign/change record ownership: manually, when exporting prospects or in automation


View weighted heatmaps based on adjustable record set.

Table view with data filter

View data in a table with adjustable scope, use its filter to hide records or filter them by distance

Filter by distance from point

Set base location and Mapsly will auto-calculate direct distance to all records. Use it in filters.

Calendar-based routing

Add meetings from CRM to your route in 1-click, and view how early/late you are to each one

Fix & geocode your addresses

Auto-correct errors in your addresses, fill in missing zip codes, counties and GPS coordinates

Circles of equal distance

View one or multiple circles of equal distance around a base location

Navigate using your favorite app

Navigate to route stops with your favorite app (Google Maps, Apple Maps or Wave) in 1 click

Add contacts to HubSpot list

Add contacts to new or existing HubSpot contacts lists in a few clicks. View your lists in Mapsly.

Export filtered records to file

Export records currently in table view to a CSV file. Especially useful with map/table filters.


View up to 4 lines of equal travel time around a base location, with adjustable travel mode

Create records from location

Right-click on the map to create a CRM record with pre-filled address and GPS coordinates

Add popup links to records

Add weblink fields to your records which will open in a map popup, like forms or photo galleries

List view

Show data in vertical list synced with filters. Useful for mobile users & embedded maps.

Search bar filter

Add filters to search bar. Highly customizable: can include live CRM data and dependent fields.

View records in a map shape

Use the lasso tool to view records located within a custom map region

Adjustable address mapping

Pick fields to serve as the object's address

Configurable record ownership

Re-map Owner field to customize how Mapsly determines if a user owns records

Open records in CRM mobile app

Open CRM records in your CRM mobile/web app from Masply mobile/web app in 1 click

Offline mode (Mapsly mobile)

[SOON] View map, view/create/update records and use buttons/forms while offline

Use coordinates as location

Use coordinates instead of or in addition to address as object's locaction

Use related object’s location

Use related object's location for objects that don't have their own: account's address for deals

Move records on map

Change record's position on the map - and Mapsly will save updated location to CRM

Choose your map tiles

Choose your tiles: roadmap with or without points of interest, satellite, dark, light

Configure point clustering

Choose cluster radius, or deactivate clustering at certain zoom levels

Add non-CRM users to Mapsly

All Mapsly features can also be used by manually added users who are not registered in CRM

Connect spreadsheets (2-way)

Connect your spreadsheets to Mapsly: sync is two-way and automatic, just like with CRMs.

Share records by condition

Use record sharing rules to give users access to records based on custom criteria

Personalized maps

Create/embed maps containing only particular customer's records. Perfect for client portals.

Map for Smartsheet dashboard

Add live interactive maps to your Smartsheet dashboard using Web Content widget

Pre-filter data with URL params

Use URL parameters to control what data users see on the map and may modify

Adjust features on shared maps

Show/hide Mapsly feature available on shared/embedded maps. Fine-tune map interface.

Store locator (for websites)

Add store locator to your website, with complex filters and filter by distance from user's location

Automation: Schedules

Run Mapsly actions by configurable schedules

Automation: Manage records

Programmatically create/update/remove records in your automated processes

Automation: Send emails

Send emails and SMS to customers, vendors or your employees in automation

Automation: Send SMS

Send emails and SMS to customers, vendors or your employees in automation

Automation: Call external APIs

Call external API endpoints in automation and use their responses in automation, forms

Automation: Dynamic forms

Show/hide form fields in response to user actions on the form. Implement dependent fields.

Automation: Use distance/time

Calculate driving distance and time between any locations in automation. Save to CRM.

Automation: Use user’s location

Use user's GPS coordinates and address when s/he presses a button in automation

Automation: Extend with code

Use Twig language and a wide range of built-in geo-functions for more complex automation

Automation: Manage territories

Create/update/remove territories, update their data fields & geography using automation

Mapsly API

Create/update/remove records in Mapsly using the Mapsly API

Print beautiful maps

Mapsly's use of vector map tiles/objects ensures high image quality when printing large maps

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