Configurable list view & search bar filter

For mobile sales reps & embedded maps use List view with search bar filter for advanced filtering

List view is a vertical list of records on the left panel that provides better user experience on mobile devices in scenarios that require a list of records but don’t require Table view, in particular: for mobile sales reps and on shared (embedded) maps.

Since the List view is pre-set to show only records that belong to the currently active map layers and filters, it is especially useful in combination with the search bar filter and parameterized layers and filters by offering configurable filtering experience ranging from a simple filter by distance to complex real-estate and automotive search with tens of parameters, dependent fields and execution of custom actions during user’s interaction with the search filter form.

List view: list of records synced with map layers & filters

Search bar filter is a form whose field values can be used as parameters in your map layers and filters thus offering filtering capabilities ranging from a simple search by distance to complex filtering scenarios with dependent fields and actions that are executed when a field value changes. Since the filter form is configured with the Mapsly automation suite, all the suite’s capabilities like executing actions and showing/hiding form fields in response to user actions on the form are available to the filter as well.

While parameterized map layers/filters and the search bar filter affect both the List view and the Table view (when in the Layers/filters mode), they are especially useful when with Table view deactivated to streamline the user experience on mobile devices and on embedded live maps.

Add list view panel to your map

List view show the list of records on the left side of the map, similar to Google Maps. Clicking a list item will open the record’s popup.

Pick data to display in the list item

A list item may include multiple lines, each containing any data fields (including custom ones), static text and pre-calculated values like the direct distance from the base location (when set).

Use search bar filter with list view

Unlike the Table view, the List view itself doesn’t have built-in filters instead relying for the search bar filter which lets you implement flexible filtering processes.

Search bar filter: parameterize your map layers, filters & list view

Add search bar filter to your map

The filter’s picklist fields can be added directly to the search bar, while the full form will be available under the filter icon.

Implement complex search criteria

Use search bar filter parameters in map layers and filters to implement custom search scenarios ranging from a simple search by distance to complex product search using dependent fields like size and color of the selected product.

Keep Other layer hidden when parameterizing map layers

Remember that when records that don’t meet the conditions of any layer in the layer group are not hidden but rather moved to the Other layer, so keep it unchecked when using parameterized layers – to keep the filtered out points hidden.