Table view with nearby search from a location

View data in a tabular format. Filter by distance from a location, or in a region using a lasso. Mass-edit records.

Table view shows your records in a table with configurable columns, adjustable scope of data (how it sync with the map), a powerful filter that include the filter by distance from a base location, and group action menu that include mass-edit and custom actions. Table view content can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

Watch Table view in action

View data in a tabular format

View records in a Table view with adjustable columns. Click a row to see the entire record data.

Sync table with map using table modes

Use the Visible map mode to see only records currently visible in the map view area; or Layers/filters mode – to see records that belong to the currently active map layers and filters (that is, visible on the entire map).

Use table filters to hide data on map

Records filtered out based on the table filter are also automatically removed from the map (regardless of the current Table view Mode).

Filter by distance from a base location

Set the base location – and the Distance column will show the direct distance from it to each record, so you can sort and filter based on it.

Select records within a region with lasso

To view records located in a custom map region, set the Table view’s Mode to Route and use the Add-to-route lasso to select the region – and your records will appear in the Table view. You can then use Remove-from-route lasso to remove a subset of records from the Table view.

Add contacts & leads to lists & campaigns

For HubSpot, add Contact records to a new or existing HubSpot contact list. Add Leads and Contacts to Salesforce and Zoho campaigns.

Download table content as CSV file

Use the Download CSV function to export data from the Table view into a file.