Configurable map layers & filters

Colorize records based on a field’s values. Hide data that doesn’t meet a condition.

Use map layers and filters to better organize and analyze your data.

Map layers

Split an object into formula-based map layers – to colorize data, assign custom markers based on custom criteria and show/hide layers individually. Create multiple layer groups and switch between them to instantly re-colorize data from a different “perspective”.

Layers can be auto-generated in a few clicks based on unique values of a field (including any custom one), or manually configured with an easy-to-use visual formula builder. A formula can include one or multiple logical expressions combined using logical AND/OR. An expression can include data fields, constant values and dynamic values like the current date and time, distance from the base location, or a URL or search filter parameters. Expressions can also be nested.

Map filters

Use map filters to hide records that don’t match a condition. A filter is configured using the same visual formula builder and can be applied to an object as a whole, or to an individual map layer.

Share layers & filters with your team

By default, map layers and filters are visible only to their creator who can share them with particular user profiles and/or particular users, or make them public for your entire Mapsly organization.

Watch map layers & filters in action

Auto-generate layers based on a data field

Generate a group of map filters based on a field in a few clicks – one filter per each unique found in this field. Mapsly will automatically add new filters to this group as more values appear in this field.

Create layer based on complex criteria

Add layers with complex criteria, with multiple conditions or ranges or values, using a formula builder.

Customize layers' markers

Choose custom icon, color, size or font properties for any layer.

Instantly change “perspective” by switching groups

Change the active layer group to instantly re-colorize your records or apply different set of markers based on a different set of criteria/formulas.

Apply map filter to hide certain records

Apply a map filter to an object or its layer(s) – to hide records that do not meet the filter’s condition.