User Location Tracking

View field agents’ real-time location on the map, their location history and create processes that use their location

Using Mapsly, you can see your field agents’ real-time location on the map, view their location history and create automated processes based on their real-time location.


User location tracking allows you to:

  1. View field agents’ real-time location on the map.
  2. View the history of an agent’s movements on a certain date.
  3. Trigger automated processes, when a user’s location changes and meets custom criteria.
  4. Use location tracking in combination with the Match records action – to find agents based on their location, for example the closest agent for an order. Learn more about the Mapsly automation suite.

Activated manually, or automatically by schedule

In the Mapsly mobile app, the user can activate and deactivate location tracking at any time, and set up a schedule when location tracking will automatically activate or deactivate.

Activation or deactivation of location tracking by schedule doesn’t require the user to open or use the app.

Reliable location tracking, even offline

When location tracking is active, the location data is recorded, even when the user doesn’t open or use the Mapsly app, or even of they accidentally terminate the app or reboot their mobile device without opening the app.

When there’s no active Internet connection, location data is accumulated and then transmitted to the server when the connection becomes available.


User location tracking is included in the Pro and Enterprise Mapsly plans.

If you have questions about User location tracking or would like to schedule a live demo with our solution engineers, contact us in chat or at [email protected].

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