Mapsly Automation Platform

Terapkan proses kompleks di sekitar peta menggunakan berbagai alat tanpa kode, dapat diperpanjang dengan kode

Mapsly automation platform enables businesses to implement complex processes around the map that can span Mapsly, CRM and any number of other IT systems, by using Mapsly’s point-and-click automation tools. In your processes, you may also use driving distance and time between locations, without writing any code.

To address more sophisticated cases, you may write code inserts using a powerful yet easy-to-use Twig language that doesn’t require prior knowledge of programming. The code is hosted and executed entirely inside Mapsly and doesn’t require any maintenance or help from a developer.


Here are just a few examples of what you can do using the Automation Platform, entirely automatically, with real-time saving of the result to the CRM:

  • For a new lead, calculate the driving distance and time to the lead from it to your office
  • For a new patient, find the 3 clinics that offer all services requested by the patient, closest to the patient by driving time but not further away than 20 minutes drive, and for each of the found clinics, calculate the price of transportation based on the driving distance to the clinic and the cost-per-mile set by the clinic
  • For a new real estate property, create a Contact list in the CRM with all Contacts within a 50-mile radius who don’t yet own a property in this radius
  • Let your sales reps check into a stop and log notes and pictures of the location to the CRM while verifying the sales reps’ location (checking if the sales rep is actually at the location when checking in, and mark the check-in event as Unverified if they’re not)
  • Add the selected record to a CRM’s new or existing contact list or campaign
  • And many more

Bagaimana itu bekerja

Pemicu dan tindakan

A desired sequence of actions can be triggered:

  • Manually by a tombol
  • Automatically in response to a new, updated, or removed record of any object in Mapsly or CRM (alur kerja)
  • Regularly by Jadwal

In a sequence of actions, you may:

  • Create, update, or remove CRM records
  • Call external APIs and use the result of their execution
  • Temukan catatan yang paling cocok using adjustable match conditions and save or use the found records in further actions
  • Send email and text messages
  • Show messages to the user
  • Open URLs in a popup inside Mapsly or in a new tab

You may also make the execution of various actions contingent on conditions that will be evaluated at the time of execution (“at runtime”).

Tangkap lokasi pengguna saat ini

When a user clicks a custom button, their current location is available for use in actions. Using this feature, you can, for example, implement custom check-in/check-out processes.

Gunakan lokasi peta yang diklik kanan

Sebuah tombol dapat ditambahkan ke menu klik kanan peta. Saat tombol seperti itu ditekan, lokasi peta yang diklik kanan juga tersedia untuk digunakan dalam tindakan berikutnya.


Menggunakan pembuat formulir Mapsly, Anda dapat membuat berbagai formulir dan menggunakannya untuk mengumpulkan data dari pengguna sebelum menjalankan tindakan. Di dalam formulir, Anda dapat menambahkan tindakan bersarang yang akan dijalankan saat tombol diklik atau nilai daftar pilihan saat ini berubah.

Terlepas dari tindakan apa pun yang tercantum di atas, pengendali peristiwa formulir dapat menampilkan/menyembunyikan bidang formulir lain atau mengubah kontennya dan item yang saat ini dipilih, sehingga Anda dapat menerapkan formulir dinamis yang mengubah tampilan dan kontennya secara real time sebagai respons terhadap tindakan pengguna.

In particular, Mapsly’s check-in/check-out feature is built entirely with the Automation Platform.

Gunakan jarak dan waktu mengemudi, serta jarak langsung

In Mapsly, you can easily calculate both direct and driving distance, as well as driving time between any locations, and use them in your automation or saved to records.

Misalnya, setiap prospek baru Mapsly dapat secara otomatis menghitung penawaran untuk pengiriman ke prospek dari gudang terbaik berdasarkan jarak mengemudi untuk setiap gudang di area tersebut dan biaya per milnya.

Gunakan catatan yang tombolnya ditekan

A button can be placed into context menus for an object, like Account, so when the button is clicked, the fields of this object are available for use in the forms and actions that follow. This is a sample change.

Anda juga dapat menempatkan tombol ke dalam tampilan Tabel untuk suatu objek dan membuatnya tersedia saat beberapa rekaman dipilih sekaligus. Saat tombol seperti itu ditekan, record yang dipilih, atau semua record dalam tabel, menjadi tersedia untuk digunakan dalam tindakan dan formulir.

Memproses banyak catatan dengan mesin templat Twig

When executing actions for multiple records at once, like when:

  • SEBUAH Buat daftar kontak button is clicked in the Table view. This is a sample edition of the text here.
  • You need to send an email report listing records found with a Catatan pertandingan action, This is a sample change.

Menggunakan Mesin templat ranting untuk membangun nilai teks tunggal dari data kumpulan catatan.

When necessary, in your Twig templates, you may also:

  • Execute other actions and use their results like data fetched from an external API
  • Call geo-functions and this is yet another sample edition to the text here
  • Use cycles and conditional logic
  • Format date and time or other types of values in the desired format, This is another sample change
  • Save data to the execution context and re-use it down the execution flow
  • Access the user’s current location and right-clicked map address

Tautkan beberapa tindakan melalui konteks Eksekusi

Tindakan dalam satu sesi eksekusi bekerja dalam konteks Eksekusi yang sama – ruang variabel global – sehingga mereka dapat saling mengirimkan berbagai data, mendeklarasikan, dan menggunakan kembali variabel, yang dapat digunakan untuk mengimplementasikan skenario yang lebih canggih yang tidak dapat ditangani oleh cukup tunjuk dan klik alat.

Buat, perbarui & hapus wilayah secara terprogram

Dengan rilis Musim Dingin 2022, Anda dapat membuat wilayah dengan geometri khusus dan bidang data values using the Automation Platform. For example, it can be a circular territory around each of your accounts, with the radius from the account record representing its service area. You may also use automation to programmatically update the territory’s data fields, geometry, name, and color, as well as remove the territory.

Sama seperti apapun wilayah dibuat secara manualsecara terprogram dibuat wilayah bisa juga secara otomatis ditetapkan ke catatan objek apa pun and can be otomatis diwarnai berdasarkan nilai metriknya.