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Mapsly is a geo-intelligence platform that integrates with your 創造 and shows its data on the map, allows you to analyze it, mass-update it, plan optimized routes for your sales reps, draw and auto-assign territories, implement advanced automation based on location data without writing code; and much more.

Mapsly integrates with 創造 via a native API-based bi-directional connector built by the Mapsly team that automatically syncs your Mapsly account’s objects and fields with those of your 創造, automatically pulls data into Mapsly and allows you to edit any data in your 創造 directly in Mapsly. Updates made in Mapsly are pushed to 創造 in real time.


  • 連絡先、会社、取引、その他のオブジェクト(カスタムオブジェクトを含む)をマップ上に表示します。 Mapsly plots your CRM records on the map based on their location, which can be an address or GPS coordinates.
  • 動的レイヤーとフィルター。 Slice your map points into sub-layers based on certain criteria: built a formula using a visual formula builder, or have Mapsly auto-generate layers based on unique values of a field.
  • マップマーカーをカスタマイズします。 オブジェクトまたはレイヤーごとにマーカーに色を付け、ラベルに一意のマーカーアイコン、サイズ、フォント属性を割り当てます。
  • どこにでも表示するデータフィールドを選択します。 Select which fields (including custom ones) should be shown in the marker’s label, map pop-up, in the table view (as columns) or when you hover your mouse over a map marker.
  • 販売地域を描くか、郡と郵便番号から作成します。 Add a geographic dimension to your territory management by hand-drawing your sales regions on the map or by selecting states, counties or zip code areas.
  • テリトリーを自動割り当てします。 Have Mapsly entirely automatically assign your 創造 records to territories and save the assigned territories back to your CRM.
  • キーワードで見込み客を見つけてインポートします。 Find local businesses by keywords. All places from Google maps are available in Mapsly. Add them to 創造 as contacts or companies in a few clicks.
  • 距離によって視覚的にレコードを照合します。 Pick a base location – and Mapsly will calculate direct distance to all other records across all objects. Find best matching records with sorting by the Distance column.
  • 距離を自動計算します。 Use Workflow rules with the Field update action to automatically calculate distance between any two locations.
  • レコードの自動照合。 Use Workflow rules with the Match records action to automatically find best matching records based on custom matching criteria and a rank formula, and automatically save the matched records them back to 創造, to a single or multi-select look-up field, and – optionally – execute custom actions with the matched records like calling external APIs, sending emails and more.
  • Edit 創造 records on the map. マップポップアップでCRMレコードを1つずつ編集するか、テーブルビューで一括更新します。この機能を距離列によるフィルタリングと組み合わせます。これを使用して、CRM自動化をトリガーすることもできます。
  • Build optimized routes, for cars and trucks. Build fastest routes through multiple points based on live and historic traffic with custom departure time by car/truck/bicycle/walking. Multiple truck parameters are supported to avoid roads unsuitable for your trucks.
  • Clean and geocode addresses. Mapsly can automatically correct errors in addresses in your 創造 records, fill in missing parts like zip codes and counties, and geocode addresses into GPS coordinates.
  • Multi-select look-up fields. Mapsly natively supports multi-select look-up fields implemented as a list of IDs of related records. Such fields can be viewed and edited in Mapsly without any coding.
  • Calendar-based routing. Mapsly is already integrated with 創造 calendar and can automatically fill in daily routes with your calendar meetings so you can build your route for the day in seconds.
To start your free 14-day trial, follow the setup guide (no credit card required). Or chat with us 24/7 if you have any questions or need help to get started.