Shared Maps Demos

Live demo examples of embedded live interactive maps

Simple live map

Map with pins without labels, on a light map, with the address search bar.

Map with territories

Map with territories, with labels containing a custom metric, on a dark map.

School locator

School locator with a collapsible list view and a filter by distance. To search around a “base” location, check the Update base location box while entering the location. To jump to an address without changing the base location, uncheck Update base location when entering an address. A map marker shows the school name when the mouse is pointing at it. 

Personalized map for customer portals

A personalized map can be embedded into any portal solution. In this example a map is added to a customer portal build in 10 minutes with Zoho Creator Portal, which is available both as a web app and a mobile app.

When a Customer record is added to a CRM, Mapsly automatically generates a signed personalized map link that shows Property records assigned to this particular customer and registers the customer in the Portal. When the customer logs into the Portal with their email, they see the map on the Map page. Apart from being able to click on map markers to view records’ data, the customer can press Schedule visit in the map popup to file a request for a property visit that Mapsly will create as a record in the CRM.

Portal will open in a new browser tab.

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