Add Live Map to Your Smartsheet Dashboard

Embed a live interactive map with SmartSheet data into your SmartSheet dashboard

Add live interactive maps to your Smartsheet dashboard. The map can show data from one or multiple sheets of your Smartsheet, CRM, or any other data source, as well as territories. You can also add buttons, forms and custom actions — to let users file requests and applications, create and update records and execute other actions right on the embedded map.

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How to embed Mapsly into Smartsheet dashboard

The most common way to add Mapsly into your Smartsheet dashboard is using the Smartsheet Web Content widget — this way the map will be embedded directly into your dashboard and your dashboard will automatically update to show the most recent map data. But it is also possible to add Mapsly using a Shortcut or Image widgets — in this case your dashboard will only contain a link that will open the Mapsly map in a new browser tab.

Step-by-step guide to adding a live map to your Smartsheet dashboard

Frequency of data updates on embedded maps

By default, Mapsly pulls new and updated data from a data source, like your connected Smartsheet, once per 30 minutes. This delay can be reduced to 10 minutes.


  • with some data sources, like HubSpot and Zendesk, real-time CRM-> Mapsly data sync can be activated in a few clicks;
  • for other data sources you can set up real-time CRM->Mapsly data sync using webhooks or outbound API calls from your data source, like Zoho CRM, Creatio, Quickbase and any other data source that supports either of these capabilities.

Embedded maps are flexible & easily configurable

On your live map, you can dynamically colorize your data based on custom criteria using map layers and filters; control what users see with URL parameters; show data from one or multiple objects (sheets) at once. For each object you can adjust its marker properties and fields (sheet columns) that will be shown as the marker label, or in the map popup, or in the record-view popup that you can also enable.

Add search filter and list view

Optionally, you may use a configurable List view in combination with the search bar filter to show a collapsible list of records (sheet rows) on the left on the map and/or give user an opportunity to adjust data set shown on the map and search for particular records.

Add territories

You can show territories, both hand-drawn and created using the geo-library (for example, from zip code areas or counties) and their data fields including demographics and aggregate metrics automatically calculated based on data from records residing in those territories.

Add Layers panel & Table view

It is also possible to enable Layers pane and Table view on shared maps. Please write us in chat to have these two features enabled for shared maps on your account.

Add buttons, forms & automation

You can make your embedded maps more interactive by placing custom buttons and forms to a record’s map popup or record-view popups — to allow users to submit data, requests, trigger workflows and any other custom processes.

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