The Ultimate Map for your Zoho CRM

A perfect companion to an already great CRM

Mapsly comes with a native Zoho Marketplace extension and a 2-way integration via the native Zoho API, which makes the full range of Mapsly features available to Zoho CRM users.

Zoho CRM Standard Edition or higher

If you are using Zoho CRM Standard edition or higher, to start using Mapsly install the Mapsly extension, enable the Single Sign-On by checking the Enable SAML Single Sign On check box on the extension configuration page (as shown below) and open the Mapsly tab.

After installing the extension, check the ‘Enable SAML Single Sign On’ checkbox

When the Mapsly web tab in Zoho CRM is opened for the first time, you’ll be prompted to follow the Mapsly account sign-up wizard, which will link your new Mapsly account to your Zoho CRM organization.

The Single Sign-On features is active by default, and every CRM user who opens the Mapsly web tab for the first time will be automatically registered in Mapsly, and then logged into their Mapsly account automatically every time they open the web tab. So there is no need to manage separate credentials for Mapsly users.

Please note that Mapsly users created automatically via Single Sign-On are not automatically removed when the linked CRM user is deleted, so you’ll need to manually remove them from Mapsly in its Account settings.

When you need to use Mapsly on your mobile devices, use the Login via Zoho on the Mapsly login page – to open Mapsly outside of Zoho CRM (since Zoho CRM website is not optimized for mobile).

Use Login via Zoho to open Mapsly on mobile devices (requires Mapsly extension)


Zoho CRM Free or Starter edition

If you are using the Free or Starter edition of Zoho CRM, which do not support Marketplace plugins, to start using Mapsly follow this Mapsly account sign-up wizard, and then, if necessary, add extra users manually in the Mapsly’s Account settings. The Single Sign-On function will not be available without an installed Mapsly extension.

Connecting your existing Mapsly account to your Zoho CRM

To use Mapsly extension for Zoho CRM with your existing Mapsly account, follow the above instruction to install the extension and activate the Single Sign-On. Then open the Mapsly web tab, click the Link existing Mapsly account link and enter your Mapsly account login and password – this will link the two accounts.

Please note that you need to be the administrator of both your Zoho CRM and Mapsly accounts to link those accounts by the Single Sign-On.