About Mapsly

A unique CRM map that adapts to the way you work.


The Ultimate CRM Map

We are here to offer the best map for your CRM on the market: both by the richness of ready-to-use functionality and the extent to which it can be customized and integrated into your workflow.


Unique Client Needs and Variety of Use Scenarios

Many businesses, big and small, have processes that require understanding of how their geo-aware objects like accounts, contacts, leads and all sorts of custom objects are positioned relative to each other. And since these processes are usually quite unique, no CRM on the market offers a built-in solution that would address even basic use scenarios.


Highly Specific, or Industry-Focused & Expensive Software

There are some highly specific solutions out there built for field sales and territory management with built-in processes (“best practices”), or industry-focused sophisticated solutions like field service operations, fleet management and routing, shipments and delivery, etc. Unless you are in those particular industries, or you are shopping particularly for a field sales solution and ready to adapt to the way they’re built, before Masply you would be left with 3 options:

  1. rely on filtering objects by city/state/county/zip in your CRM with a map at all;
  2. implement highly-laborious processes on top of manual tools like Google Map and spreadsheets; or
  3. spend tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars on creating your own web application.


Extendible Platform Built to Adapt

To address the wide range of use scenarios, we designed the ‘ground’ level of Mapsly more as a toolbox – a platform – rather than a ‘hardcoded’ solution, and then built the rest of the system on top of it, an approach seen in software like SalesForce, Zendesk or Slack. So in addition to using the abundance of features that come out-of-the-box and cover many bases, you have the option to extend Mapsly’s capabilities way further through JavaScript and API callouts. We are proud to say that having a fully featured map in any CRM or any other data source is no longer a challenge or a matter of sizable investment into the IT landscape.


Our Solution Architects — Always Just a Click Away

We are entirely committed to helping you build an efficient location intelligence solution with Masply, that’s why we don’t train salespeople – we train solution architects who will be in touch with you since the first moment you reach out to us throughout your entire journey of implementation and the use of Mapsly. At any moment, on our website and inside the platform, you may chat in real-time with our engineers to get help with any feature or ask for advice on how to approach an idea with Mapsly in the most efficient way.


Made in California — Delivered Globally

Mapsly LLC is headquartered in California with a global team of engineers spanning 3 continents committed to making the world a better place through state-of-the-art software and excellence in customer care.

Contact us via chat or at [email protected].