Long-Term Revenue-Sharing Partnership Program

Earn up to 25% of your customers’ revenue for 4 years while making them happier and more productive

About Mapsly Partnership Program

We recognize that it’s the partner community that makes a software platform great: a good product isn’t enough – it takes a team effort to reach out to people who could benefit from the product, understand their needs in detail and help them integrate it with their existing systems in the most efficient way.

So we’re inviting you to join the community of Mapsly partners and give your customers the map there always wanted while earning recurring commission for years.

Available Revenue-Sharing Options

For each prospect, you may choose from the following revenue-sharing options that vary in the term of recurring commissions and total yield:

  • 2-month: 100% of the revenue for 2 months;
  • 1.5-year: 50% of the revenue for the first 3 months, then 25% for another 6 months, then 12% for another 9 months;
  • 4-year: 2-level profit-sharing:

Year no. Commission from customers
you brought (1-level)
Commission from customers
brought by partners you referred (2-level)
1 25% 5%
2 15% 3%
3 10% 2%
4 5% 1%

The 4-year program offers the longest term of receiving commissions as well as an opportunity to recruit other affiliates and receive commission from customers they bring.

Example of earning from one referral

A small client starts on the average with 3 users on a Pro plan with 35k records, which according to our pricing costs $165/month, and normally over the two following years gradually grows to 10 users, switches to the Enterprise plan and imports 120k records, which translates into $920/month. In this example a partner will earn a total of…

  • $330 in the 2-month program;
  • ~$1.5k in the 1.5-year program;
  • ~$5.5k in the 4-year program.

These numbers do not include income from …

  • the 2-level commission from your sub-affiliates’ customers;
  • development in Mapsly and Zoho CRM paid by customers directly to you.

How to maximize earnings

3 metrics define the price for a customer:

  • Mapsly plan (Essential, Pro, Enterprise);
  • number of users;
  • total number of imported CRM records.

Normally, Mapsly’s adoption and these metrics grow over time, as the customer’s business grow and processes mature. And as a Mapsly partner, you can positively influence that.

Research issues your customers are facing and come up with solutions: Mapsly’s flexibility and customizability, especially with custom code, are unmatched, and usually there’s always a way to make the life of customers easier and more productive – learn their pains and be creative.

Our solution architects are always just a click away – talk to us via site chat any time, ask for advice, we’ll always happy to help.

How to Become a Partner

Sign up for a Mapsly affiliate account

Sign up for an affiliate account on our affiliate portal (powered by Tapfiliate) by clicking the link of the program you’d like to start with: 2-Month, 1.5-Year, 4-Year. This will set up your account and enroll you into the program you picked.

Once your affiliate account is set up, you can enroll in other programs as well, if you like, by clicking their links above – this will add the chosen programs to your affiliate account.


How to refer a customer to Mapsly

For each program that you enrolled in, our Affiliate portal will generate a link with your referral code, which you should pass to your customer.

When a prospect signs up for Mapsly by your link, the system links their account by the referral code to your affiliate account, and each payment the client makes will credit your balance with the affiliate commission.

To ensure your customer is correctly linked to your partner account correctly in case they signed up for a trial from a different device of browser (which would prevent us from automatically linking them to your account), let us know at [email protected] and we’ll make sure the customer is correctly attributed to you.

You may ‘claim’ the customer as your referral even after they sign up for a Mapsly account provided that the customer confirms that they learned about Mapsly from you.

Are there minimal requirements to become an affiliate partner?

No. The partnership works as a referral program: you refer customers to Mapsly and get a recurring commission.

How can I see my referrals and earnings?

On our affiliate portal you will find the list of customers you referred to Mapsly, the list of commissions and your current account balance.

How frequently is my commission paid out?

Your earned commission is paid out automatically on the first working day of every month, provided that your partner account balance (that you may look up on the affiliate portal) is above the payout threshold that you set during your sign-up.

You may change this threshold at any time by removing and re-adding your payment method on the affiliate portal. The payout threshold will help you accumulate more funds on your account and thus save on excessive transaction fees.

The payout is made to the payout method of your choice that you indicate in your payout portal powered by Tipalti. We’ll invite you to your Tipalti account once you receive your first commission. 

During your first login into your Tipalti account, you’ll be invited to choose a payout method, provide detailed payment information  and fill out a digital tax form required by the IRS (US tax authority).

What payout methods are available and what are the transaction fees?

In the table below you will find the payout methods supported by Tipalti and their transaction fee.

Availability of payout methods vary depending on your country: normally, you might want to use ACH if you have a US bank account. If you don’t have a US bank account, you may want to use Paypal to make small payouts or a wire transfer to larger amounts (set higher payout threshold to accumulate more funds on your account before a payout).

Payout fee is withheld by Tipalti and depends on the payout method. 

Payment method Fee per payment Rejection fee
USD 0.50
USD 11.00
USD 3.00
USD 35.00
USD 5.00
USD 25.00
eCheck (Local)
USD 1.00
USD 25.00
PayPal (Non-US resident)
USD 2.00 + 2% Up to USD 22.00
USD 0.00
PayPal (US resident)
USD 2.00 + 2% Up to USD 3.00
USD 0.00
Wire Transfer (Non-US resident paid in non-USD)
USD 20.00
USD 25.00
Wire Transfer (Non-US resident paid in USD)
USD 26.00
USD 25.00
Wire Transfer (US resident)
USD 15.00
USD 25.00

(*) A rejection fee is a fee withheld from your payout by Tipalti if your payment method rejects the payout (for example, if your name on your bank account does not match the name you provided in Tipalti) and the payment returned to us and has to be re-sent again.